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Friday, March 22, 2013

(adaMu) make me touched

Today, well actually it's not today it is for this week, it is horrible.. I made a lots of mistake. for this one week. Urrhh i can't see the good thing that i'm standing for. all that in my eyes is bad, not good, terrible and awkward.... why am i like that? I suppose that you can't answer me, right? end of this week, i accidently heard a song from IKIMfm, adaMu sang by Najwa Latif, i fell touched... not for her voice but for the lyrics.. seriously it makes me cry... i should eppriciate what ALLAH gave to me. That is a life.with sweets and *salt* and sometimes bitter. Making a mistake, you can take it as a moral value.. oh oh oh and don't forget, not to make the SAME mistake. By the way thanks for the song, it makes me relize something on that moment which is mistakes always happen and you're the one who's going to fix it up or just let it go or WHATEVER YOU WANNA DO ABOUT IT. :P  Last word from me mistake bring a good things.

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